Irrigating Standard Tip

  • ToothShower standard water pick, white in color.
  • Standard water flossing tip, water pick, for ToothShower
  • Standard water pick tip, classic water flosser, for ToothShower, red in color.
  • Blue color, standard water pick for ToothShower.
  • Water jet tip, for ToothShower, gray in color.
  • Water flossing food and bacteria from teeth and gums. Blue accessory tip.

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  • Standard tip for flushing food or bacteria out from between teeth 
  • Control your pressure 
  • Spray from cheek-side and tongue-side

Brief Video Description

Our water pick accessory that complements thorough brushing by flushing food/bacteria out, and reaching areas floss normally would, without the strain or time involved with traditional floss.

Available in 4 colors: White, Blue, Red, Gray

*included in single/couples suite

Replace every 6 months.