Our Story

ToothShower is an oral care company which manufactures products that make oral home care easier and more enjoyable. Thousands of customers have improved their home care and overall oral health with ToothShower products. Science is connecting oral health to overall health. We have accomplished something many thought impossible—making flossing and preventative dental care easy and enjoyable. Patients are spending less time at their cleanings, and those cleanings are less painful for all involved. 

ToothShower is invented by a dental hygienist. After surveying many dental hygienists, we here at ToothShower realized that my patients didn’t always know what was happening in their own mouths – even when at risk of losing their teeth. I mean, over half of all adult Americans have gum disease. Sure, we all “know” that you’re supposed to floss.

Let’s be real. Most people hate string flossing.

Dental hygienists are spreading the word on how genius ToothShower products are at solving the problems of cleaning between the teeth where their patient’s toothbrushing is missing. Dental hygienists thought counter-top water picking devices were the answer. But again and again, they hear from their patients that they were messy, annoying to refill and took up too much counter space. Water flossers end up under the sink, never used. 

So why not move water flossing to the shower:

We all make time to shower (I hope). Water-flossing your teeth in the shower takes seconds, not even minutes.

There’s no water reservoir to refill.

No mess to clean up at the bathroom sink.

No more excuses.


What is gum disease and the connection to overall health. Why gums bleed


Why ToothShower; maybe remove my picture

The Inventor; Lisa Guenst, Registered Dental Hygienist

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Dental School

We’ve teamed with industrial designers and mechanical engineers to bring you the ToothShower, a revolutionary new product. And we hope you and your family love using it as much as we’ve loved creating it.

Here’s to your health,


Our Team