Be honest: How old is YOUR toothbrush?

old worn out toothbrushes

Did you know that as toothbrush bristles wear down, they become less effective?

Independent studies that assessed plaque after brushing have confirmed that after 3 months of use twice daily, toothbrushes removed less plaque, especially where adjacent teeth contact each other.

It’s a good thing your ToothShower helps reach those hard to brush spaces between teeth. But you still need to brush.

And you can do so without leaving the shower, with a ToothShower toothbrush attachment.

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Here are some signs that it’s time to change YOUR toothbrush:

  • You have chronic bad breath or gingivitis.
  • You still find plaque or food on or between your teeth after brushing.
  • You’ve been sick. (Those germs can linger on your brush, making you ill again).
  • You traveled with your toothbrush. (Travel containers capture moisture and increase bacteria on the brush.) 
  • Your toothbrush was stored in a container or drawer where moisture and bacteria could build up.
  • Debris has built up around the bottoms of the bristles.
  • And most noticeable of all, the bristles are worn out on your toothbrush.

If the bristles on your toothbrush are visibly worn or bent, then your brush is much less effective, and you are past due for a replacement.

Remove more plaque with a new toothbrush.

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Here’s to your dental health,

P.S. Dental hygiene affects not only your health, but also how you look and how you feel about yourself. You’re worth it. And a new toothbrush is an inexpensive way to keep yourself looking and feeling great. Don’t forget to get yours here.

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